ID: 25115
[Bind] Attribute: Unrelenting Grenade Lob
Epic Grade
Lv. 30 Required

Max stack count: 1
Gunner Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Grenade Lob throws a Smoke Bomb, increasing its cooldown by 50%.
Removes the Stun effect that is activated when it hits a target, but instead deals 50 Power as Physical DMG to the target and activates Smoke Bomb for 3 sec.
Increases Dodge by 600 if the caster is inside the Smoke Bomb.

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 50,000gold
Bound upon Acquisition
Can't be sold
Can't be put in storage
Dismantling Available


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ID   Title Class Materials Rewards CLASS
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