ID: 25110
[Bind] Attribute: Displacing Grasp
Epic Grade
Level 30 Required

Max stack count: 1
Mystic Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Activates Brilliant Sphere when the skill is used.
Brilliant Sphere advances in a random direction while it pulls in enemies within a 10m radius towards the sphere's location every sec for 7 sec.
After 7 sec, Brilliant Sphere explodes to deal 300 Power as Light DMG and inflict Knockdown on surrounding enemies.
However, additional effects related to Mana Awakening's projectiles do not apply to Brilliant Sphere.
Changes into a stackable skill (2 times).

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 50,000gold
Sell price: 10,000gold
Bound upon Acquisition
Cannot Sell at Shop
Cannot Store in Storage
Dismantling Available


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