ID: 24821
Attribute: Displacing Imprint Release
Epic Grade
Lv. 30 Required

Max stack count: 1
Slayer Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Changes Imprint Release into a designated range skill that engraves a pentacle into the ground for 6 sec, and changes the cooldown to 30 sec.
The pentacle can only be placed 12m or further away from the caster.
Applies Silence every 0.5 sec to enemies inside the pentacle.
When the caster enters the pentacle, deals 365 Power, which ignores Shield Block and Evade, as Dark DMG to enemies within range and applies Fear for 3 sec.
Enemies affected by Fear take 100% increased DMG.
Grants Imprint Release to the caster when within range for 20 sec.

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 50,000gold
Sell price: 10,000gold
Tradeable without limit
Dismantling Available


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