ID: 24726
Joyful Winter Totem
Rare Grade
Secondary Weapon

Max stack count: 1
Mystic Exclusive
A totem decorated to celebrate Christmas. This is a metamorphosis equipment for the Mystic class.

Converts the visual look of the secondary weapon of your choice to that of a Joyful Winter Totem 1 time.
Equipment that has already been metamorphosed cannot be traded.
The metamorphosis equipment will disappear upon metamorphosis and the metamorphosed visual look cannot be transferred to any other equipment.

[Metamorphosis Reset]
Equipment that has been metamorphosed can be traded once its appearance has been reset, which can be done by going to Main Menu [Esc] - Decorate - Metamorphosis Reset window.
Metamorphosis Reset Scrolls can be purchased from general goods merchants.
Buy price: 1,000gold
Sell price: 1gold
Can't be put in storage
Can't be destroyed

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