ID: 24725
Joyful Winter Wand
Rare Grade
Main Weapon

Max stack count: 1
Mystic Exclusive
A wand decorated to celebrate Christmas. This is appearance change equipment for the Mystic class.

[Edit Appearance]
Changes the appearance of the main weapon of your choice to that of a Joyful Winter Wand 1 time.
Equipment that has had its appearance changed cannot be traded.
Once the appearance has been changed, the appearance change equipment will disappear, and the appearance cannot be transferred to any other equipment.

[Appearance Restoration]
Equipment that has had its appearance changed can be traded once its appearance has been restored, which can be done by going to Main Menu [Esc] - Decorate - Appearance Restoration window.
Appearance Restoration Scrolls can be purchased from general goods merchants.
Buy price: 1,000gold
Sell price: 1gold
Cannot Store in Storage
Cannot Destroy

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