ID: 24095
Level 3 Runestone
Rare Grade
Lv. 26 Required

Max stack count: 1
A Runestone that increases Rune Attribute Points, Skill Attribute Points, and 1 additional stat.

[Obtainable Runestones]
Assault/Control/Fate/Support/Protection/Awakening/Balance Runestones

[Additional Stat Gains]
Vitality/Skill Attribute/Accuracy/Dodge/Critical Hit/Acceleration/Max Resources

[Runestone Usage Guide]
Equip - When equipped, Rune Attributes increase and stat increases are applied.
Polish - You can polish the Runestone to gain greater stat boosts.
Upgrade - Runestones that have been polished to max can be upgraded.
Dismantle - You can obtain Rune Powder proportional to the Runestone's level.
Buy price: 30,000gold
Sell price: 3,000gold
Dismantling Available
Runestone Upgrade
Level: /7

Next level upgrade materials (including polishing):
Total materials:

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