ID: 23861
Attribute: Displacing Electric Shot
Epic Grade
Lv. 30 Required

Max stack count: 1
Gunner Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Changes into a skill that loads electric rounds and removes the Energy cost.
Using the skill loads 30 electric rounds that are used every time damage is dealt to targets to deal 20 Power as additional Electric DMG.
Has a 5% chance to activate an Electric Magazine in the target's surroundings for 5 sec each time an electric round is used, and additionally reloads 20 electric rounds when Electric Magazine is obtained.
Electric Magazine can also be obtained by allies, and grants effects to yourself when obtained.
A max of 100 electric rounds can be loaded.

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 50,000gold
Sell price: 10,000gold
Tradeable without limit
Dismantling Available


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