ID: 23835
Attribute: Altered Spirit Bird
Epic Grade
Level 30 Required

Max stack count: 1
Mystic Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Changes Spirit Bird to summon Sparkwing.
Sparkwing explodes when summoned to deal 200 Power as Fire DMG to a max of 5 enemies within a surrounding 5m circular range.
Sparkwing does not use Healing Sphere.
Uses a skill that launches flames dealing 150 Power as Fire DMG to surrounding enemies.
Has a chance to deal 160 Power as Fire DMG to 3 enemies within a 15m circular range every 0.5 sec for 4 sec and continuously inflict them with an effect that decreases MOV SPD by 50%. (The attack effect won't be applied when out of range.)

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 50,000gold
Sell price: 10,000gold
Dismantling Available


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