ID: 23828
Attribute: Pervasive Mushroom
Rare Grade
Lv. 25 Required

Max stack count: 1
Mystic Exclusive
New Skill Attribute Learned
Increases the cooldown of Mysterious Mushroom to 12 sec, and removes the Energy cost increase effect.
Using this skill creates 6 random Healing Mushrooms, Fiery Mushrooms, Freezing Mushrooms, Golden Mushrooms in the caster's surroundings at once.
Out of the mushrooms created, Golden and Healing Mushrooms explode only when they make contact with the caster or allies.
Fiery and Freezing Mushrooms only explode when they make contact with enemies.
When Fiery Mushrooms explode, they inflict Scorching Heat and deals 350 Power as Fire DMG to enemies within a 5m radius.
Deals 10 Power as continuous Fire DMG every 2 sec when Scorching Heat is active (3 Stacks Max).
When Freezing Mushrooms explode, they deal 100 Power as Ice DMG and inflicts Deep Freeze for 3 sec to enemies within a 5m radius.
Inflicts Crowd Control for 3 sec and deals 30% additional Electric DMG when Deep Freeze is active.
When Golden Mushrooms explode, they grant an effect that increases MOV SPD by 50, ATK SPD by 50, and DMG by 50% when it makes contact with allies or the caster.
The effects of Healing Mushrooms are the same as the existing skill.
The effect that increases Mana Awakening's Power does not apply to Fiery and Freezing Mushrooms.

Cooldown 1sec
Casting Time 1sec
Buy price: 10,000gold
Sell price: 2,000gold
Bound upon Acquisition
Can't be put in storage


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