ID: 23239
Pre-Order Special Package
Rare Grade

Max stack count: 100
A special package box that can be acquired by pre-ordering.

2,000 Rubies
1 Star Blessing Package (60 Days)
1 Special Package Space Expansion Tool Box
2 Storage Expansion Tools
1 Traveling General Goods Merchant Caller (30 Days)
1 1-Day Unlimited Appearance Change Ticket
1 Character Slot Expansion Ticket
1 Pet Slot Expansion Ticket
1 Special Kakao Friends Pet Box
1 Ryan Scooter
Favor of the Sefiroth Buff (10 hours)

Cooldown 0.1sec
Buy price: 1,000gold
Sell price: 10gold
Cannot Sell at Shop
Cannot Destroy
Dismantling Available

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