ID: 201000101
Fresh Carrot Owner's Shield
Rare Grade
Secondary Weapon

Max stack count: 1
Warlord Exclusive
A shield modeled after a certain carrot owner. This is appearance changing equipment for the Warlord class.

[Edit Appearance]
Changes the appearance of the secondary weapon of your choice 1 time.
Equipment that has had its appearance changed cannot be traded.
Once the appearance has been changed, this equipment will disappear, and the appearance cannot be transferred to any other equipment.

[Restore Appearance]
Equipment that has had its appearance changed can be traded once its appearance has been restored, which can be done by going to Main Menu (Esc) - Decorate - Restore Appearance window.
Appearance Restoration Scrolls can be purchased from general goods merchants.
Buy price: 1,000gold
Sell price: 1gold
Cannot Store in Storage
Cannot Destroy
Dismantling Available

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