ID: 20000046
Star's Blessing Package (30 Days)
Rare Grade
Limited Item

Max stack count: 1
A package item that gives various Blessing effects. Luminus energy increase and charge effects are applied the instant the item is in use. Effects will be reapplied at the daily reset time (9 AM).

The following Star's Blessing Package effects are applied for 30 days.
- Hunting EXP Increase: 10%
- Item Drop Rate Increase: 10%
- AP Recovery Speed Increase: 3
- Inventory Space Expansion: 16 Spaces
- Storage Space Expansion: 14 Spaces
- Luminus Max Energy 100% Increase (8 hours total)
- Auto Charge Luminus Energy Daily
- Can participate in Luminus Battles immediately after charging
- Gives 15 Laurel Wreath Pieces daily

Cooldown 0.1sec
Cash shop item
Cannot Destroy

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