12-11-2021: - Added the Runestone Upgrade information to the rune pages. Now you can see the amount of the materials and gold required to upgrade the rune to the desired level.

11-11-2021: - Added support for the Japanese version of the game.

09-11-2021: - Added the "Item sets" section, which lists all availble equipment sets in the game.
- Added the related item set description and effects to the equipment items, which are parts of the sets.
- Added the missing stats to the Runes.
- Added the "Dungeons" section.
- Added the contents of the chests to the related item pages.
- Added missing prices and conditions to the shop lists.

30-10-2021: - Added the Imprints to the Mana Awakening Builder.

27-10-2021: - NA/EU version of site updated to the latest version of the game.

26-10-2021: - Mana Awakening Builder now allows to create the build quickly by tracing the shortest path (in terms of used mana points) from the last selected node to the clicked node.

24-10-2021: - Added the Mana Awakening Builder for NA/EU version of the site. You can use it to plan your Mana Tree progress and see the total values of the effects of selected nodes (for now you have to select the nodes one by one beginning from the selected starting node). I didn't added the Imprints to the builder yet. Will add them in upcoming days as well as support for KR version of the site.

17-10-2021: - NA/EU version of site updated to the live version of the game.
- Fixed missing icons in the Skill Builder.

16-10-2021: - I've got a report about the wrongly placed Skill Attributes Effects in the Skill Builder. The Builder itself is fine. It reflects the changes in the data. Keep in mind, that the current data is taken from the character creation version of the game client, and could be outdated, test only or wrong. I'll update the site again when the early access begins, to have the most accurate data.
- The site updated to the latest pre-release version of the game.
- Added the "Collection Book" section.
- Added the "Crafting" section.
- Added the World Map with locations of the resources and bosses.
- Added the "Zones" section.
- Added the Korean version of the site.
- There were a lot of changes here and there, so if you see something weird/wrong on the site, please refresh the page a copule of times to update the browser's cache. If the problem is still there you can always contact me via the discord (Tools->Contacts menu) and I'll fix it asap.

07-09-2021: - Added the Rune Attributes to the Skill Builder.
- Improved the look of the Skill Builder and Skill Builds lists on the mobile devices.

30-08-2021: - Changed the work logic of the Skill Builder. Now it shows the skills without the attributes and allows to select the skills without selecting any attributes.
- Adjusted the popup tooltips in the Skill Builder on mobile devices. Now you can close the tooltip by tapping on it.
- Removed the videos from the tooltips in the Skill Builder on mobile devices, so the tooltips could fit into the smaller screens.

29-08-2021: - Added the "NPCs" section.
- Added the map with location of the NPC to the NPC pages.
- Added the "Challenges" section.
- Added the "Luminus and Pets" section.
- Added the "Luminus and Pets Skills" section.
- Added the Skill Builder and "Skill Builds" section.

19-08-2021: - Site updated to the latest CBT2 version of NA/EU client.
- Added the "Achievements" and "Titles" sections.
- Added support for German, French and Spanish languages.

14-07-2021: - Added the "Skills" and "Skill Attributes" sections.

06-05-2021: - Site launch.
Hello guys and welcome to the Elyon Codex - a database/community site for the latest MMORPG by Kakao/Krafton!.
The site is in the very beginning of the development. Currently you can find here "Items" and "Quests" sections.
The data is based on the latest CBT version of the game.
As usual, you can expect more content added to the site in upcoming weeks.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, feel free to write me a message in the discord (Kiriak#5590).

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